Physical pain and snow

I tried taking 5-htp last night. I took 100 mg and skipped the Ashwagandha. I didn’t find any information that the two had any interactions together, but just to be safe I only took one. I didn’t really notice a difference today from taking it and it didn’t help me sleep last night. I need to do more research and see if it is safe to take them together because I think the Ashwagandha helps with my sleep issues.

I’ve had an odd issue to past few days. After lunch my back is killing me and I’m extremely uncomfortable. I’ve tried standing since I have that ability at work, but it’s not helping. I just get nauseous from the pain. I am not sure if my IBS is acting up and I’ve got gas trapped that I need to burp up or what. It tends to calm down by bed time. Being vegetarian makes it pretty much impossible to avoid all the low fodmap foods. Just another bit of my daily struggles. I can go weeks without any issues eating the same foods and then other times it gets me.

I’m not feeling so great right now. I just want to lay down in bed with my heating pad. I’m toughing it out though. My mental health is good right now, but physical is struggling. It’s like I just can’t have both. Maybe I’ll remember to bring my heating pad to work tomorrow. Maybe that will give me some relief.

I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday, but it’s supposed to snow again. I’m over the snow. There’s still snow in my neighborhood even though it’s been 50’s the past few days. Tomorrow is forecasted to be 39* with snow. Hopefully it won’t be much and I won’t have any issues driving in my neighborhood. I’ve almost crashed my car the last two times it snowed, but living in Colorado I still have to get to work. The roads outside of my neighborhood are normally clear, it’s just l getting in and out of my neighborhood that’s a struggle.


Today is better

Today has been much better than yesterday. Work has been good and no tummy troubles today. I thought today would be my first day without medication, but I actually had one left to take last night. So, tomorrow will be my first day medication free. I’ve accidentally skipped a pill before in the past and didn’t notice any difference in my mood that day. I suspect will be a week or so before I feel the effects of not taking my Latuda.

I’m planning to pick up a bottle of 5-htp after work. Walgreen’s is having a sale BOGO free, so I can pick up two bottles. I asked if anyone had any experience with it in my Bipolar support group and I only got two responses. One said it worked fine and the other said she didn’t notice any difference taking it. I guess I just have to try it for myself. I’ve read it takes up to a week to see a difference. It’s supposed to help with sleep and serotonin production.

I did sleep well last night. My kids actually slept through the night. I only woke up once and went right back to sleep, so that’s much improved.


Daily struggles

Today has been a struggle. I am a bit sick with a stomach bug. I think my kids and hubby have it too. So far just nausea, but still difficult to work through. My kids have been complaining of tummy aches for a few days, but I thought they were just hungry after refusing to eat dinner.

Work has been easy today. Nothing much going on here, so I’ve had a quiet day to be sick and miserable. I still have to take T to dance this evening, so hopefully we don’t get anyone there sick and I can survive sitting there for an hour during her class. Then of course I have to go home and cook dinner.

I slept OK last night, but not great. Bubs woke up at 3:00 a.m. to tell me his tummy hurt and to get some water. He went back to bed though so I guess he was fine. I had to get up early this morning since I get off early to take T to dance. I really just want to sleep one night without waking in the wee morning hours. I don’t think that will ever happen. If the kids don’t wake me up, a cat does. Plus I have to wake hubby up at 5:30 for work when I don’t have to be up until 6:30, that’s always fun. I can’t really fall back asleep until he’s finished with his shower so that’s like 20 minutes extra that I’m awake.

I’m nervous about tomorrow. Last night was my last dose of Latuda. I don’t want to get depressed again. I think I’m going to pick up some 5-htp in case I start slipping down that hole. I’m not sure how quickly it works, but I read in a support group that it triggered mania for a few ladies. I’d rather be hypomanic than depressed.

Not a great day

Today is not a great day. I don’t want to be at work. I have a headache and I need a nap.

I know we all have days like this and that I just need to get through it. I only have two hours left at work then I get to go home and make dinner. Tonight will be an easy dinner because I’m not feeling up to much.

I don’t feel depressed. I think I’m just feeling blah from the headache and the fact that work has been a struggle today. I spent hours fighting with a program before it finally cooperated and accepted my entry. I’ve had to research billing errors, completely someone else’s fault, but now they are my problem. I hate cleaning up other people’s messes.

Thankfully, my coworker is back from bereavement and is able to help sort some of the issues out.


Here’s a funny tid-bit from the wee morning hours:

T: “mom I think I have diarrhea”

me: “ok, did you have an accident?”

T: “no, but you need to come look at it”

me: “do you need help getting cleaned up?”

T: “no, mom, come look. It’s flatted.”

So, I went to look and flushed the toilet and carried her back to bed. Hubby and I had a good laugh about that one at 2:00am


I’ve lacked motivation to do much of anything today. I think it’s because we were snowed in and my routine of grocery shopping was ruined.

I still managed to get all of the laundry washed and put away, went through my clothes, cleaned my bathroom, took a shower, and currently making dinner.

I really wanted an energy drink today, but I’ve already had one this week so I didn’t allow myself to have one.